Yet Another Uncle Erik:

Erik here. Welcome! This website is a repository of the many interests that I have. You will find bicycle-related reviews, guides, and maps. Creations using LEGO (and other brick brands). Video game projects I made over the years. A couple of IT-related guides thrown in as well. More things will be added/updated over time.

I hope that this website helps, entertains, and/or inspires you.

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Change Log

2023-12-xx: Translated entire website in French (click on the FR/EN square near the top-right of the page to toggle languages)

2022-11-06: Updated index.html

2022-10-05: More content in existing sections (all under Cycling Repairs)

2022-05-23: More content in existing sections (all under Cycling)

2022-05-05: Website architecture changes

2022-05-04: More content in existing sections (especially under Cycling Repairs)

2022-01-26: More content in existing sections

2021-12-29: Improved readability.

2021-12-23: Redesign of website header.

2021-11-14: Time to publish more content I have been working on and off throughout a very busy year.

2020-12-21: Learned Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) throughout the year.
Determined to create everything static and from scratch and not depend on solutions like WordPress which open up security issues.

2019-01-14: More time to play around with JavaScript.

2018-07-04: Hello World!